Do CEO’s at SME’s get the threat landscape?

Do CEO’s at SME’s get the threat landscape?

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Mr. Scott B. Suhy
Chief Executive Officer
NETWATCHER interviews Mr. Scott B. Suhy, Chief Executive Officer,
NETWATCHER What are your thoughts Scott regarding “best practices” that should be followed in this environment?

Scott Suhy: The Unintentional Insider Threat (UIT) is the biggest security issue corporations face today. Users, sometimes knowingly but more often than not unknowingly, are putting their organization at risk through a variety of actions such as clicking on phishing messages, going to nefarious websites, running risky software (TOR/BitTorrent), running outdated software (Java, Flash), using “HTTP” versus “HTTPS”, connecting to unsafe WIFI’s, connecting personal assets like phones/tablets to the corporate WIFI, allowing children to play games like Minecraft on corporate assets (laptops), etc. NetWatcher helps organizations detect all of these hygiene issues that open an organization up for exploit. Generally speaking….do CEO’s at SME’s “get it”? Are there some common misconceptions you have encountered when speaking to these CEO’s about the threat landscape?

Scott Suhy: There are three distinct types of organizations that we are seeing. The first consists of those company CEOs who deal with regulatory compliance (FINRA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA etc…). These organizations contain those CEOs who are being pushed by their customers to have the same level of security as they do in order to keep their business. This group contains all the CEOs who have experienced a serious cyber-attack. This camp is looking for a solution like NetWatcher.

The second type of organization is the law firms, accounting/tax firms and anyone that does business with a bank. These organizations are being asked by their customers to get more secure and to invest in a continuous monitoring solution. This camp is also looking for a solution like NetWatcher.

On the other side of the count we are seeing organizations that will eventually be exploited soon. These organizations don’t know it yet, but in the future they will be looking for a solution that is easy to use, accurate, and affordable like NetWatcher—it’s just a matter of time. It seems to us that especially in today’s environment, with well-publicized breaches at Home Depot, JP Morgan, Target, and even at the IRS, that good cyber security is actually a good new business enabler as well. Your thoughts, Scott?

Scott Suhy: If you take the time to ensure you have both the technology and the process to protect your company, you will be both a more successful and more secure, and that leads to less risk and more revenue opportunity.

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