How exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe can save costs

How exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe can save costs

Infosecurity Europe is going to be celebrating its 20th year in June 2015 and there really are countless reasons as to why it is worth registering to exhibit. However, one which is perhaps not thought about so much is the ways in which it can save a variety of costs within your business.

Compared to other forms of marketing, you can save so much money by exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe.

Self promotion

Make sure people know what your brand stands for and promote your USP
Make sure people know what your brand stands for and promote your USP

When it comes to marketing strategies, exhibiting is one of the most productive ways in which a company can showcase themselves to potential clients and business partners.

There is no better way to self promote than to stand proudly in front of a stall bearing your company name and to warmly greet prospect customers who stop by with a bit of information about what you do, what you know, and what you can offer to help fill their information security needs.

Sometimes companies can find it hard to get their voice heard, especially with the various ways in which the world has become more digital. Exhibiting is a very powerful tool when it comes to promoting your brand and image.

Do your own market research

Competitor research is key - know your competitive landscape
Competitor research is key – know your competitive landscape

Infosecurity Europe is the perfect place to suss out who your target audience is and to actually interact with them face-to-face.

In 2014, there was a total of 15,253 unique industry professionals (ABC audited) who attended Infosecurity Europe, all from different companies, backgrounds and even countries (73 in total), and with 2015 being an important milestone for the exhibition, we expect that it will be just as – if not more – popular!

With this in mind, instruct your team to have meaningful conversations about your organisation’s USP and collate interesting information about the people you meet and the other exhibitors you see. You can really gage what your potential clients will respond well to by having a chat with them and finding out what interests them and what issues they face when it comes to information security.

Take this information and use it when you head back to the office by perhaps writing a blog feature about some of the issues, seeing if there is any extra training that you can offer your staff to suit these needs, or simply change the way in which you converse with clients and target leads.

In addition this is also your perfect opportunity to find out what your competitors are doing, how your offerings compare and how you can retain or gain competitive advantage. Exhibitions are a great place to do so and Infosecurity Europe provides an annual strategic tool to conduct market research, assess the competition and set new benchmarks to gain competitive advantage.

Make social media your friend

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all very powerful tools when it comes to marketing and you are more likely to gain confidence from clients if you have a prominent social media presence.

While you may be wondering how social media will help you save costs, the main reason is that you can really start as soon as you register for a stall to interact with your current followers, encourage new ones to follow you and even create potential business leads before the exhibition.

There is over six months to go before Infosecurity Europe which gives you plenty of time to really put in some work building up your online authority. Start by following Infosecurity Europe on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to see what is being discussed and make sure you join in! It really is a more productive and real-time way to market yourself compared to other methods such as printing out flyers for a mail out.

Save money on sending out information

How exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe can save costs. Credit: Thinkstock
How exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe can save costs. Credit: Thinkstock

This may seem like a rather obvious yet insignificant idea, but you will really be surprised by the costs that you can save. If you have any whitepapers, flyers or business cards (we would advise that it is best that you do anyway), then make sure to have enough of these to go around when exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe. The costs you can save by handing these out as you physically meet new people and potential clients will surprise you and it is much less time consuming than having to post them out once you get back to the office.

It is also a great starting point in conversation for when you are networking, as you physically have something to offer, and by allowing the visitors to then go home and later look over the information you have given them, you are filling in any gaps in topic that wasn’t covered and reminding them about your company and what you can do for them. It allows you to be proactive and your sales team can gather direct feedback from prospect customers and offer bespoke advice on the spot – the small difference that can go a long way in a competitive and fast-moving marketplace!

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