How to access an international audience?

How to access an international audience?

Taking the time to participate in an exhibition isn’t something that a lot of businesses will do on a whim, especially if it involves actually exhibiting in a foreign country. However, if you are thinking about exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe this coming June, the value you will receive from making the journey overseas to London will undoubtedly outweigh any expenditures you will have to make.

Many choose to travel far to exhibit

First of all, we must highlight that we see a number of foreign associates who come to exhibit or to do business at Infosecurity Europe. So, if you were toying with the idea of registering your place and booking a flight, rest assured that there will be many others who are similarly making a longer journey to be a part of the exhibition.

In fact, during this year’s event there was a total of 24 countries from which 346 companies were exhibiting and visitors to the conference and exhibition travelled from 73 countries. The fact that so many people travelled to this year’s event really is testament to how valuable Infosecurity Europe is to individuals and businesses from all over the world.

Also watch out for the numerous country pavilions, which feature country-specific market insights and needs in national dedicated areas. The Country Pavilions gather a number of companies within the same country so that visitors interested in a specific territory can directly collect information and interact locally.

Showcase your abilities

One of the main reasons people exhibit is to maximise promotion of their company’s portfolio and showcase their unique expertise and products offerings. It’s a great way to create and build upon customer relations while letting you target a specific audience who you know is like-minded and interested in your field.

While it is so easy for people in need of information security to simply go online and spend 20 minutes or so searching for a company, given the opportunity, most would prefer to be face to face with businesses or potential clients. In today’s digital age, it is important to really let your personality and work ethic shine through and there is no better way of doing this than to actually spend time talking face to face.

Infosecurity Europe allows visitors to browse for exhibitors and specific interest areas, so that buyers find solutions specific to their needs and that vendors can promote their core expertise.

Enter a new market

Reach new audiences and enter new markets

Needless to say, with so many information security professionals under one roof, the opportunities to create new leads and contacts are endless, especially if you are exhibiting and want to reach an international audience.

There are many people who would love to break into a new market in a different country yet are either unsure where to begin or would find that the actual action of networking would be both time and money consuming. This is where Infosecurity Europe can step in – as it is the largest information security specialist event in Europe, there are so many interesting individuals and companies from all corners of the world to learn about and take advice from, as well as to offer your own.

If you are hoping to develop your business into a foreign market, the chances are that the leads you would want to gain for your company will be present at Infosecurity Europe, which will give you vital networking opportunities.

Who knows, you may find yourself talking to another exhibitor who has come from an area you would never have thought to target and, just like that, a brand new opportunity arises.

Broaden your knowledge

With so many professionals, ranging from directors to technical specialists and a whole host of ability levels in between, information, advice and experience features aplenty and is just one of the many perks of attending Infosecurity Europe.

Infosecurity Europe offers Europe’s largest free high-quality information security education programme with  numerous educational content tracks to cover business strategy, technical discussions, product information and keynote presentations. Featuring six conference and seminar theatres and a comprehensive programme of workshops and training courses, the Infosecurity Europe education programme really offers something to meet all educational needs.This is a perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the latest challenges your client base may be facing and to demonstrate relevant expertise and thought leadership of your organisation.

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