How to add value to an end-user visitor’s experience at Infosecurity Europe

How to add value to an end-user visitor’s experience at Infosecurity Europe

There is no doubt about it, when visitors attend Infosecurity Europe next June, they are in for a fantastic experience, filled with value. After all, it is free to attend, and the wealth of insight that can be gained from it is invaluable in itself.

There are going to be over 345 leading information security vendors and service suppliers, exhibiting from around the world, offering their ideas and experience about the industry. Infosecurity Europe also features the world’s largest high-quality fee educational programme with over 120 hours worth of free educational sessions for the visitors to pick from. Numerous content streams cover all possible aspects of information security, whereby three of the content streams offer benefit-led insight presented by expert vendor and service supplier speakers; Tech Talks, Strategy Talks and Information Security Exchange. This is a great opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their organisations know-how, demonstrate though-leadership and deliver benefit-led presentations to the visitor audience, which may open doors to new customers.

Tech Talks

This content stream features technical approaches to resilient security, where selected vendors and service suppliers can present their latest technical research and industry insight on how to address the latest threats and vulnerabilities. All speaking slots undergo a call for paper submission process and only most relevant speakers and topics make it in the final programme. This is a great opportunity to receive a free speaking slot in which you can demonstrate your organisation’s technology and research experts and your latest innovations, so make your submission a good one! (Deadline for submissions: Friday 19th December 2014 at 5pm GMT)

Strategy Talks

The Strategy Talks content stream provides visitors with strategic insight to optimise their organisation’s security posture. Selected vendors and service suppliers can take this opportunity to demonstrate best-practice expertise and thought-leadership and provide visitors with strategic insight on how to develop a resilient information security strategy to manage risk and support enterprise growth, innovation and transformation. Same as the Tech Talks, all speaking slots undergo a call for paper submission process, in which only the most relevant speakers and topics make it in the final programme. Additional guidance, tips and tricks can be viewed here (How to get your Call for Papers Submission Accepted: Infosecurity Europe). (Deadline for submissions: Friday 19th December 2014 at 5pm GMT)

Information Security Exchange

A great opportunity for vendors and services suppliers to present end-users visitors with next-generation information security methodologies and tactics. The theatre features in-depth presentations, panel discussions and case studies and offers a great opportunity to end-users and vendors to engage in open dialogue and exchange technical and strategic expertise in a range of formats. This is an opportunity any exhibitor to Infosecurity Europe can take advantage of, whereby best-practice advice and guidance will be provided from the Infosecurity Europe team, so that the presentations meet the expectations and needs of the visitors.

A busy day at Infosecurity Europe 2014

While this is clearly a phenomenally valuable exhibition for all to attend, there are many additional ways in which exhibitors can themselves add value to the visitor experience.

Firstly, as an exhibitor, you must remember that there are obviously hundreds of other exhibitors similar to yourself who have set up stalls at Infosecurity Europe, and to attract more visitors to your company, and in turn to create more leads, you need to make sure that you really stand out. After all, after a day filled with meeting new people and acquiring new information, the chances are that they may have difficulty in remembering exactly what your company does and who you are.

Engage before and at the event

With this in mind, it is best to ensure you start the preparations before the event, by inviting current and prospect customers to come and meet you at the show. Infosecurity Europe offers good advise on how to best drive traffic to your stand for free. When onsite, try to be visually engaging and display engaging key messages that are relevant to your target audience.The most obvious thing that you need to have with you to hand out when exhibiting is your business card. Make sure that your business cards are clear and have the brand’s logo on as well as your contact details and job title clearly laid out, while ensuring that they aren’t too busy.

Valuable give-aways

While business cards are the absolute minimum that you should prepare, it is a really great idea to have some actual and relevant handouts with any research that you may have completed on as this is a solid way to demonstrate that you are a thought leader within the information security industry and offers the visitor the chance to look over and revisit you later on once they have headed home. As there is a few months to go until Infosecurity Europe, we would advise you to think about conducting research and putting together a white paper before the exhibition to add value to your offering. Another popular way to drive interest  is to offer small ‘goodies’ ore promotional article for visitors to take. While this is always popular with the audience, think well about your return on value from your investment, as you always want to get something of value out of your actions.

Appointment slots for bespoke advice

Another fantastic way of adding value to a visitor’s experience is to make sure that you really put some time aside to converse with them and discuss your thoughts and advice within information security. Why not offer ‘appointment slots’ where visitors can sign up to spend ten minutes of one-on-one time with your experts? With there being so many people attending the exhibition, they will undoubtedly fully appreciate this offer and be more likely to remember you and what you can offer once they leave. We cannot stress enough how important it is that the staff representing your organisation at the event needs to be technically skilled to answer challenging questions and represent your brand’s expertise from the first point of contact!

Make sure to take the contact details of the visitors you network with while at Infosecurity Europe so that you can send them a personal follow up email after the exhibition and add them to any mailing lists (Infosecurity Europe offers various tools for effective lead scanning). This is a handy way of ensuring that they continue to benefit from attending the exhibition while further promoting your company.

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