How to successfully drive traffic to your stand for free?

Joy-Fleur Brettschneider

Participating in an exhibition can be a very daunting task, as it is both a cost- and an effort-intense exercise and the pressure to deliver relevant ROI keeps mounting.

Where most companies fail is that they invest a lot of time, effort and money in building amazing-looking and very impressive exhibition stands, or smaller companies invest their entire budget into securing space and a furnished shell stand. You need to link these sentences someone – it looks like you are saying investing in the stand is the mistake. Are you saying they focus on the stand at the expense of activities to attract people to their lovely stand? Once at the show you then see empty stand from large to small with no stand traffic and long faces of the stand personnel – the disappointment is hardly to be missed.

So where did they go wrong?

Imagine you are a visitor: what would attract you to a booth? First-time visitors may be a bit overwhelmed by large-scale exhibitions, so they may either go to pre-arranged meetings or battle their way through a hall where hundreds of companies are trying to get their attention – all at once. What they all have in common is that they want to meet with current suppliers, explore new products and find out what’s new.

So how do you grab their attention without having to spend any or very little money?

1. Invite your current and prospect customers

One of the key objectives of our visitors is to come and meet with current or prospect suppliers to either discuss existing or future projects.  Have you let all your clients know that you will be exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe and that they can come and meet you? You can add web banners and logos (check here) to your email signature and let everyone know that you are exhibiting. This is an excellent opportunity to save costs, as you can invite a lot of your clients to come and meet with you over these three days. In addition, you can cross-sell or up-sell your company’s products, or offer advice and relevant counsel if appropriate.

2. Use your bespoke Company Branded Registration feature

As an Infosecurity Europe exhibitor you are provided with a feature that allows you to create your bespoke registration area. You can upload your logos and add copy to match your marketing messaging. When you invite clients or prospects to register you can then use your unique URL and all the registrations are guided through your registration form as a result (that’s how it looks like). But it gets even better: each visitor registering via the link you have provided will have “Guest of [your company name] on their badge, which allows easy identification when they come to your stand. Make sure you set yours up today and get started!

3. Make sure you have something interesting to show and shout about it

Have a think about what you could do at your stand that grabs attention pre- and during the show. Have you got any exciting product news? A new launch? Any interesting presentations that you will be holding at your stand or do you have any other exciting activates such as price draws, product demonstrations, games, challenges or give-aways at your stand? Make sure everyone knows about it! Did you know that you can upload all your “events” which could include on-stand activities via the exhibitor portal? Make sure you do, as visitors can browse this section and find out what is going on, and we promote this feature to them.

4. Engage with us on social media and reach your extended network

Shout about all the exciting activities that you are doing and engage with our social media channels. That way not only your followers, but also our followers will see what you have in store for them. Find us on Facebook, join our group on LinkedIn, follow and engage with us on Twitter using @infosecurity and #infosec14. We’ll do our best to engage back!

Want to know more about paid-for opportunities that help drive traffic to you stand? Click here to find out more. My personal favourites are these three:

I hope this post was useful and I hope you’ll all have a successful show with lots of good business and interesting conversations coming your way!

Joy-Fleur Brettschneider leads Infosecurity Europe’s marketing team and is keen to ensure everyone involved with the show leaves satisfied. Joy advises how to get more stand traffic, maximise ROI, become an authority in your niche — everything you need to get the attention you deserve. A marketing professional with a slight obsession for attention to detail, Joy loves social media and technology . Strangely, she prefers business strategy books to novels.

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