In The Boardroom With Cyberinc CEO Samir Shah

In The Boardroom With Cyberinc CEO Samir Shah

In The Boardroom With…

Mr. Samir Shah
Cyberinc Today’s cybersecurity threat environment has never been more challenging and the recent cyber breach at the CIA disclosed by WikiLeaks was another in a long series of wake-up calls demonstrating how truly vulnerable we are in the private and public sectors. In this climate, Samir, what is your perspective regarding the unique value proposition that Cyberinc delivers to your customers at this time?
Samir Shah: The threats have never been greater and the Wikileaks disclosure is just one example of what we are up against. Long gone are the days of the solitary teenager wanting to make a name for themselves by pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims. We are now up against the full capabilities of sophisticated nation states and organized crime syndicates with sometimes unlimited resources and talent. It is just a matter of time before the cyber-arsenal exposed by Wikileaks is harnessed by the bad guys to steal sensitive information and damage reputations and brands.
Isla offers unique value in that it can defeat hackers, even those armed with the most sophisticated malware available today. Sometimes the most complicated problems require the simplest solutions. Even the most sophisticated malware will fail if it is never able to reach its target and Isla delivers this unique capability in a form that fits any customer’s needs.

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