In The Boardroom With Extenua CEO Steve Visconti

In The Boardroom With Extenua CEO Steve Visconti

In The Boardroom With…
Mr. Steve Visconti
President & CEO


Steve Visconti is responsible for Extenua’s strategic direction and day-to-day business operations. As CEO, Mr. Visconti brings to Extenua over 25 years’ experience in both domestic and international business development, sales, marketing, and management success. Steve’s leadership experience includes top technology companies and startup ventures including Cisco Systems, Inc., Airespace, Ascend, Chipcom, and Banyan Systems. His understanding of technology and market conditions, together with the ability to lead high growth companies and build shareholder value, has contributed to his proven performance record and several successful startup successes. Thank you for joining us today, Steve, at this very exciting time in the growth of Extenua. Before discussing today’s cybersecurity threat environment and Extenua solutions in greater detail, please tell us about your background.

Steve Visconti: I would characterize myself as a serial entrepreneur. There are five qualities that have led to my success, they are character, integrity, strategic thinker, decisive and energetic. In the early 80’s it became obvious to me that I like to build businesses particularly when it involves new ideas and breakthrough technologies. I have been fortunate to have had several great outcomes with startup companies. Yahoo, DropBox, LinkedIn…the daily headlines unfortunately remind us just how vulnerable we are in today’ constant threat environment and the bad guys come in many forms: foreign governments, sophisticated hacker groups, and “insiders” among others. What is your perspective, Steve, regarding the unique value proposition that Extenua brings to the table in today’s IoT, mobility and BYOD environment?

Steve Visconti: Cyberattacks have risen into the many millions of attacks per year, yet security continues to be perfunctory to the organizations overall data strategy. It is astonishing to me that some analysts estimate that 60% of U.S. enterprise organization DO NOT have encryption strategies applied across their organization.
Hackers and their tools are very sophisticated including some with automation and its coming from many fronts you just listed. This is precisely why an organization or enterprise must have the most secure and hardened environments possible. Hackers and bad actors will eventually probe and eventually move on to the easier targets. Don’t be that easy target when tools like Cloud2Drive are so easy to implement and non-disruptive. Nice job with the White Papers archive, Steve – want to give us a quick overview?

Steve Visconti: Our white papers archive is growing. From our site, you can find interesting topics anywhere from very technical discussions on elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman public key algorithms to implementing a secure web farm or SaaS infrastructure. We will continue to add to our library over time with our soon to be released and much anticipated “Securing Office 365 Enterprise for Todays Hostile Environment” Thanks again, Steve, for joining us today…are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

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