#infosec18 Day Two – The best bits!

#infosec18 Day Two – The best bits!

Day two of #infosec18 was once again a hive of activity. The isles were packed and there was more invaluable content across all the theatres and stages.

This morning kicked off  with the Women in Cybersecurity Networking Event, where keynote speaker Felicity Aston, Explorer, Scientist and Author joined us to discuss the challenges around diversity.

Here is a look at some of the best bits from the event and the rest of the day at #infosec18

Dystopia or Utopia?
Privacy & cybersecurity in the digital age was in the spotlight on the keynote stage this morning. Baroness Martha Lane Fox, Co-Founder of Lastminute.com joined for a look at this hot topic, providing insight into the privacy implications of our increasingly networked world and how this affects the work of the information security community.

Martha stopped by following her session to tell us more.

Can AI & machine learning stop hackers or will AI be the hacker?
Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame Alumnus, Mikko Hypponen, was on hand this afternoon to debate that exact question. Mikko captivated the audience with a comprehensive look at the reality of AI and if it will deliver on it’s promise as a defensive tool to protect data, or if AI will become the hacker and therefore simply another risk in an already complex landscape.

We chatted to Mikko following for an overview of the key points.

The Discovery Zone…
Did you catch a glimpse of the tech giants of tomorrow in the Discovery Zone today?
Now in it’s second year here at #infosec18, this popular zone is packed with brand new to the UK or to Infosec exhibitors and was filled with security professionals throughout the day, all looking for the newest innovations and partners.

We spoke to Linus Chang, Founder & CEO of Scram Software earlier today to find out more about their innovative product.

The modern state of infosecurity…
Next-up was Troy Hunt, Founder of Have I Been Pwned & Microsoft Regional Director. Troy was here to give us an in-depth overview of how threats are evolving and which are the ones we need to be especially conscious of in the modern era.

Troy gave us a summary of his key points straight from the stage.

More to come tomorrow…

That covers just some of day two at Infosecurity Europe 2018, there is still one more day to go!

Thanks to those who attended today, we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. For those who didn’t attend, if you haven’t already, you can still register onsite!

For more from today and throughout Infosecurity Europe 2018, join us on Social Media for all the latest updates and insight live from the show floor.

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