#infosec18 The Final Day – What did you miss?

#infosec18 The Final Day – What did you miss?

It may have been the third and final day of Infosecurity Europe 2018 but that didn’t mean things slowed down at all. London Olympia was once again packed with cybersecurity professionals and there were more big names across the final day’s keynote programme.

If you missed it, here are some of the best bits from today and throughout the week at Infosecurity Europe.

Weaponising the web…
Opening today’s proceedings on the keynote stage was none other than the former Director General of GCHQ, Robert Hannigan. Robert took to the stage to discuss nation –state hacking & what it means for enterprise cybersecurity, providing a fascinating look into the reality of nation-state sponsored cybercrime.

We talked to Robert following his presentation for a round-up of session.

Rapid response to a cyber-attack…
Later in the day it was time to focus on incident response when stakeholders from information security, legal, law enforcement and PR took to the stage to reveal how they respond to cyber-attacks as they happen. The packed audience left the session with invaluable knowledge on exactly how to rapidly respond to a breach.

We spoke to panellist Nick Andrews following the session to learn more.

Building collaboration between business, government & law enforcement…
Last but certainly not least, collaboration was on the agenda. This insightful keynote session outlined how the only way for the good guys to win is for business (both end-users and security vendors), law enforcement and governments to work together.

We chatted to Ben, straight from the stage to hear more.

That is it…

Infosecurity Europe 2018 has come to a close. Thanks to those who attended today and throughout the week, we look forward to seeing you again in 2019. For more from Infosecurity Europe 2018, join us on Social Media for all the latest updates and insight live from the show floor.

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Plus, don’t miss all the video content live from inside Infosecurity Europe 2018 here >

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