Infosecurity North America: Start-up competition winner 2018 [Video]

Infosecurity North America: Start-up competition winner 2018 [Video]

On the 15th November, in a snowy New York, four start-up companies came together at Infosecurity North America to pitch their product to a panel of judges, in hopes to be crowned the start-up winner of 2018.

From these four companies, the one which stood out the most to the judges was a Brooklyn-based company call KISI.

KISI specializes in developing cloud technology to build secure access control systems that use a combination of sensors and mobile devices to grant facility access to authorized personnel.

Speaking with Dan Raywood from Infosecurity Magazine, Bernhard Mehl, Co-Founder of KISI, explained: “I was a little surprised to win this as a physical security start-up in a cyber space.

“They [the judges] said there are so many vendors and people focused on the digital side and we’ve been the only vendor exhibiting here for physical security.”

But what really blew the judges away was “that they felt strongly that there’s a need for that in the market and there’s not a lot of options out there” explained Bernhard.

“This is something new, this is something that hasn’t been done before. With a lot of other cyber security things there’s often already an open source version of something out there. That’s what they really liked.”

You can watch Bernhard’s full interview here:

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