Route1’s President discusses multi-factor authentication and identity management

Route1’s President discusses multi-factor authentication and identity management

In this recent thought leadership interview on, Mr. Brian Brunetti, President, Route 1 discusses companie’s multi-factor authentication and identity management to securely connect an organization’s assets with its employees. One will read on that, “Employees, remote workers and contractors demand access to their workspace from anywhere, from any device. Unlocking these productivity gains can dramatically increase the organization’s exposure to security threats and the risk of network breaches. At the same time IT professionals are being asked to support mobility and BYOD initiatives on tightening budgets.” Please give us an overview of Route1 MobiKEY and MobiLINK solutions. Any new features of these solutions that you’d like to highlight?

Brian Brunetti: My pleasure. Our flagship technology is MobiKEY, a mobile access solution that uses comprehensive multi-factor authentication and identity management to securely connect an organization’s assets with its employees, mobile workers, and contractors. Secure mobile access to any asset on any network using any device. MobiKEY means freedom for an organization’s team members to remotely connect to enterprise assets with zero change to their workspace environment. Additionally, the use of MobiKEY means an organization can enjoy robust secure mobile access without compromising the enterprise’s integrity – no malware, no data spillage and no network breaches.
MobiLINK is similar but different. MobiLINK is an authentication and secure access technology that enables users to securely access internal web-enabled applications and web resources from anywhere in the world. MobiLINK also utilizes the MobiNET, Route1’s universal identity management and service delivery platform. The MobiNET platform provides identity assurance and individualized access to application, data and networks.

We recently released support for Android. Now MobiKEY subscribers can now use MobiKEY on a variety of Android devices. We will be releasing MobiKEY 5.0 in late September 2015 which will add support for devices running Linux and will fully round out our operating system support. Can we drill down a bit further into Route1’s integration with Government-issued smart cards such as CAC, PIV, and FRAC?

Brian Brunetti: Sure. The MobiKEY Fusion device is a patented identity validation device that integrates with government issued identity cards such as CAC and PIV. This multi-factor authentication technology combines physical possession of the MobiKEY Fusion device and an identity card, with computer and network access, helping government and defense organizations meet the United States Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12).
The MobiKEY Fusion device offers all of the same security features of the commercial variant of the MobiKEY, the MC2 device, while leveraging smartcards already issued to government personnel, aided by the additional factors of authentication to secure the access component, while the MobiNET or the DEFIMNET platform universally manages the identities of users and entitlement to digital resources. Users can only access systems remotely with a combination of their MobiKEY Fusion device, an identity or access card and secret PIN.

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